Resource Library

Resource Library

Welcome Committee Members,


Here we have created a library of resources, especially for you. Throughout your time as a committee member you will need the documents available here to assist your society’s activity on a regular basis. So, without further ado, take a look at the selection below and download whatever your society currently needs!

The best way to get advice about running a successful society is by attending Committee Training. Email your SU at for more info!


Activities Guidebook

This is where you'll find EVERYTHING you need to know about running and participating in student activities.

Activities Bye-Laws

The document that outlines how Activities should function. 


Outlines the principles, procedures and aims your society will follow throughout the academic year. This ensures your society outlines and upholds the good practice which is expected from members at all times. All societies must adopt one and revise their constitution at each AGM. 

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee will serve to develop the wide variety of societies/sports across campuses. It's made up of all signatory roles for each student activity and meets once a term to discuss changes and ways to move forward within the activities department. This is a document explaining what it is for, what you can do and how to submit a motion.

Society Development Plan

This is a document to collate all of the member's thoughts and ideas about the direction of the society. You'll be able to set targets and review your progress here. You should complete a development plan at the start and end of every academic year (during your AGM/EGM) and ensure all members have contributed. 

Risk Assessment Template

You must complete a risk assessment form for every event your society puts on and send it to at least two weeks before your event. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to complete a risk assessment, you must email 

AGM Agenda

An AGM (annual general meeting) is a yearly meeting to discuss changes and so information can be distributed to committee members of clubs and societies and the general student body. All members are expected to attend and it is mandatory for societies to host one. The document attached is used to help guide your society’s AGM.

Event + Guest Speaker Form

You must fill out an event form if you’re inviting non UOS student/staff to your event or if your event has over 15 people attending. This must be sent to at least two weeks before the event.

Committee contract

A contract you sign once elected, taking on full responsibility of the organisation and it's assets. Sign and hand in to SU reception. 

Committee Withdrawl Form

Fill out if you can not fulfil your responsibilities as a committee members anymore and need to step out. Then send it to

New Society Application

This is where you can apply to start a new society! Make sure you've read our Activities Guidebook first though!

Update of Committee/ Takeover of A Society

This form is for anyone wanting to re-activate a dissolved society or wanting to rearrange the roles of the committee (e.g. swap positions or introduce a new member). Once filled, send to 

Society Continuation Form

The purpose of this form is to agree that the current committee would like to continue in their current roles and run the society for another year. As a new society, an election is not needed to re-elect these students so this form is filled out instead.

Reimbursement Form

This is where you will spend as a society, and then apply to get this reimbursed

Budget Request Form

This is where you'll request the SU to make a purchase on your behalf

How to Submit Suffolk Plus Hours

A step by step on getting rewarded for your hard work!

see the guide below on how to admin your society group

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