The Finance Advisers 

If you’re going through unexpected financial hardship or need some finance advice, then the Student finance team within Student Services at the University can give you the neccessary advice to suit your financial needs.

You can book a 1:1 appointments with the finance advisers Make an Appointment - University of Suffolk - University of Suffolk - Learning Services (

The University has access to Blackbullion which provides students with a budgeting tool and guidance on student loans and preparing for university. For log-in details, get in touch with the Student Centre or the Student Finance team at the University.


Additional Funding/bursaries 

The UOS Bursay: Bursaries and Scholarships | University of Suffolk (

You can contact the Bursaries Team here:

Please follow this link Student Services | NHSBSA for information about the NHS bursary.

Care Leavers Bursary 23-24 | University of Suffolk (

If you're a health student studying either Midwifery, Nursing, ODP or Radiography, you may be eligible for some funding from the NHS Learning Support Fund. For more information, please click here NHS Learning Support Fund (LSF) | NHSBSA

You may also be able to get funding to help with childcare costs if you are in full-time education and have children under the age of 15, or 17 if they have special educational needs. For more information please visit



The University also has a Financial Support Fund (FSF). Standard awards are made to help towards your general cost of being a student and non-standard awards are made to help if you have unexpected expenditures like an emergency repair to household equipment. You're expected to be in receipt of all other means of financial support that you're eligible to benefit from before you apply for the FSF. You can apply to FSF once per academic year (although if you can let us know if your circumstances change).

You can find out about the UOS Financial Support Fund here: Undergraduate Study | University of Suffolk (

To apply for the FSF you will need to creat an account and apply through Blackbullion: Home | Blackbullion



Students studying at the University of Suffolk in academic year 2022-23 who do not have access to IT equipment necessary to support blended learning, could be eligible for a one off £300 grant towards IT equipment.

Details of the University of Suffolk Bursary and the Digital Technology Support Fund (a separate fund to help eligible students with the cost of a laptop or digital learning costs) can be found here: Digital Technology Support Fund 23-24 | University of Suffolk (


student loans and debt advice 

Students who are experiencing a delay in receipt of their maintenance loan payment should, rather than apply to FSF, contact

Students with a priority debt (a debt where non-payment could result in loss of home or essential services such as water, gas or electricity) should, rather than apply to FSF, contact straight away.