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Contact us


SU Advice (Academic appeals, Student Complaints and related support)

Useful Information can be found here. Contact Claire at for email support, or to arrange a call back or skype appointment.

Student Activities (Clubs, Societies, Social sports, BUCS, Give it a Go)

Contact Jessie at

Student Voice (Student Officers, Course Reps, Student Council)

Contact Bradley at

Commercial Development  (ShopSU, social space, media agreements and partnerships)

Contact Michelle at M.Dack2@UOS.AC.UK

Comms, Events, promotion

Contact Chloe at

Staffing, Trustee Board, Finance

Contact Jumara at

SU President (Education) and SU President (Activities and Wellbeing)

Contact Alex at and Meg at

For all other queries please email or get in touch via Facebook/UOSSU