Start A Club

Start A Club

Start a club

have you got a great idea for a sports club? we want to hear from you.

At your SU, all our activity should be student led. We want you to develop new and exciting sports clubs. Whatever your idea may be, we'd love to explore the possibilities and support you to succeed! If you have an idea, drop us an email at

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Starting a new club can feel like a big challenge at the beginning, so it's always best to be as prepared as possible. Here are some tips to get you started:


1. Meet other students: 

Starting a sports club can be a lot easier if you have a couple of friends or class-mates interested in the same sport as you.

2. See what is on offer locally:

Is there a local club for your preferred sport? Could you contact them for advice? Where/when do they train?

3. Think logistically:

Is your sport one you could facilitate with relative ease here at the University of Suffolk? What equipment and facilities are needed?

Email with your idea!