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The National Union of Students (NUS) is a national union that represents hundreds of different Students' Unions from universities and colleges across the country (including the University of Suffolk Students' Union). It works to tackle national issues that affect students. You can find out more about NUS on their website.


National Conference

Each year the National Union of Students (NUS) holds its annual conference where Students' Unions across the country come together to discuss and vote on ideas to improve the student experience at a national level.




No elections are currently running


Want to stay part of the conversation ahead of conference? We'll be running a series of workshops to help students understand conference and the ways we as a Union can influence it - you'll learn all about what our delegates will be doing at conference, and have a chance to express your views on national issues to our delegates, which will inform how they vote when they are at conference. Keep an eye here and on our social media for more details on these workshops in the near future.



Liberation conference


NUS Liberation Conference brings together Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women Students together to build communities of activists and plan our campaigning work. Find out more about Liberation Conference.