The National Union of Students (NUS) is a national union that represents hundreds of different Students' Unions from universities and colleges across the country (including University of Suffolk Students' Union). It works to tackle national issues that affect students. You can find out more about NUS on their website.


NUS ANNUAL Conference


Every year NUS holds its annual conference, where every Students' Union member can send delegates to vote on policies aimed at improving student experience across the country. 


Your delegates this year were:

  • Mauro Cardoso (VP Activities and Wellbeing) - read his conference report here  
  • Phoebe Robichaud-Gavin - read her conference report here





NUS Liberation Conference brings together Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women Students together to build communities of activists and plan our campaigning work.

Earlier this year some of your part-time officers attended NUS Liberation Conference, discussing and voting on issues relating to their liberation group. Check out their conference reports below to see their thoughts on conference and how they voted.

Your delegates were:

Amber Atkinson - Women's Officer

Jay Chandler - BAME Officer

Darragh Briscomb - LGBT+ Officer - read Darraghs conference report here.

Mauro Cardoso - VP Activities and Welfare - read Mauro's conference report here