As a Student's Union, we represent you- the students, which means you're in charge. We do this through our elected leaders - sabbatical officers, part-time officers and course reps - all elected by and accountable to you.


So who do i go to?

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The President roles in the SU are full-time, paid roles - it is their full time job to represent students and lead the SU! They also become a trustee of the SU, a director of our commerical arm and sit in senior university meetings.

The President Education focuses on tackling academic issues that students face, aiming to improve the educational experience students have whilst at UOS, working closely with our School Officers and course reps to achieve this.





We have a number of different rep roles:

  • Course reps - there to support you on your course, feeding feedback on your academic experience back to the unviersity and the Students' Union
  • PhD Reps - similar to course reps but for PhD students - these reps will represent all the PhD students in their particular school.
  • Accommodation reps - accommodation reps represent you with any accommodation issues you have, working with the accommodation team and the Students' Union to resolve them.




Volunteer Officers 

We have a range of volunteer officers who represent various groups of students, campaigning throughout the year, running events and representing you in SU and university meetings. 

They all sit on Student Council and Student Officer Committee, helping lead the SU through these meetings, and attend Course Rep Forum, where they work with your course reps to identify any school-wide issues.


  • School Officers - School Officers represent students' academic interests across their school, working closely with course reps to tackle school-wide issues.
  • Liberation Officers - Liberation Officers represent the views of students from their Liberation group, campaigning on issues and organising events relevant to them.
  • Campus Officers - Campus Officers represent the views of students on their campus, campaigning on issues and running events relevant to the students on their campus.