Social Sport

Social Sport

social sport

Social sport sessions are a great way to get fit, release stress and to meet new people. Check out the benefits below:


  • No commitment or experience required

  • Get physically active and improve mental wellbeing

  • Meet new people and socialise


social sports and fitness sessions are FREE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS.

This year we are offering social basketball - these social sessions are uncoached and you can just turn up and play for fun - no commitment necessary.

Fitness sessions include pole fitness and pilates - these are led by trained instructors and give you a chance to improve your fitness, learn something new and have fun. You must sign up in advance for these classes as spaces are limited.


timetable for 08/01/24 - 22/03/24


Pole fitness - Inspire Sports Centre - 19:00-20:00*


Pilates - Suffolk New College Sports Centre Room 2 - 17:00-18:00*

Basketball - Suffolk New College Sports Centre Sports Hall - 19:00-20:00


These sessions are for current students only

*Sign up in advance here


Our social activities can help you to make new friends and boost your confidence, but we understand that sometimes breaking the ice can be difficult. If you're feeling shy or anxious about attending your first session alone, drop an email and we'll arrange for someone to attend your first session with you.