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Social Sport

Social Sport



Your SU is proud to present this semester’s Social Sport program!


Social sport sessions are a great way to get involved with something different. It offers an opportunity to get fit, release stress and to meet new people. At each session you will find a Social Sports Ambassador who will be there to help the session run smoothly, take a register and collect money. All sessions are available at just £1 for students and staff, and £3 for members of the public.

 Our social activities can help you to make new friends and boost your confidence, but we understand that sometimes breaking the ice can be difficult. So if you're feeling shy or anxious about attending your first session alone, our Social Sports Ambassadors will be at designated sessions so you will always have a familiar face there.

Alternatively, if you're looking for long term support, you could sign up to Active Well-being. Through Active Well-being, you'll get your first 6 sessions of sports for free, have the option of attending sessions with a buddy, and will receive a reward for completing the programme.

If you'd like to volunteer with the Social Sports program, become an active wellbeing volunteer! Learn more here.