Shape Your SU

Shape Your SU




Let's Answer these!

Why would you be interested?

You can be involved with leading and setting the direction of an independent charity. You can develop a range of skills and experience that will enhance your student experience, bolster your degree, and improve your opportunities when you graduate - what a combo! 

Why it matters?

As an independent charity that works for its members (students) by its members, your students' Union is a reflection on the student leaders involved and what they want it to be. through our elected students the students' union is shaped into what our members want it to be.

What does this mean?

if you want to improve your employability with some leadership, teamworking, or diplomacy skills then this is a great way to do it alongside your degree. At the same time as improving the student experience for yourself and the rest of the student body, sounds amazing right! Your students' union works through the body of elected representatives, it is through these students that it can be shaped into what our members want. it means you can be instrumental in the shaping of a charity that has over five thousand members.

What are these roles?

There is a range of positions you can go for during your studies. become a course rep and you will have the opportunity to improve the experience on your course and play an important role in how the students' union runs. If you feel like taking being a course rep to the next level, why not become a school officer and become a part of the student officer team. Perhaps you are a part of a liberation group and want to represent their interests, which would make you ideal to become a liberation officer (BAME, LGBT+, Mature students, Students with Disabilities, students with caring responsibilities, postgraduate, women's). or if you fancy going for an amazing full-time position then you could run to be President or Vice-president of the students' union. 

How do I get involved?

That is an easy one! There are two prime times to get stuck in and run for a position - Septemeber & October is when Course rep elections and by-elections (for vacant positions) take place / February & March is when part-time and full-time officers are elected. 

How do i know if i can? 

If you are a current student, you can and I think you will be fantastic!