Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy


The Student's Union is proud that we have a diverse multicultural community and through the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy service, you can access pastoral care, someone to hear you out and spiritual support and advice, whether you consider yourself religious or not. They are open each day between 8.30 and 4.00 for student drop-ins and tea and coffee are available even if a Chaplain is not.  You can also email Linda Pepper, the Lead Chaplain at at any time.

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy represents a range of different faiths. Currently, there are a range of Christian Chaplains (of various denominations) and Quaker, Muslim, Sikh and Jewish Chaplains, and if your faith isn’t represented the Chaplaincy team may be able to provide guidance about local places of worship and help to put you in touch with other faith leaders from the wider community. 

The office is located in the Student's Union and offers a space with sofas and resources, tea and coffee and a prayer room. The space is also available to be booked and used, and when it's not booked it is open for you to come and sit at any time. For any bookings or enquiries, you can email Linda Pepper, the Lead Chaplain at

As well as our Chaplaincy-led events, there is also faith-based societies you can join, or start yourself, giving you many opportunities to meet others within your faith.

For any bookings or enquiries, you can email Linda Pepper, the Lead Chaplain at, you can also contact Linda by calling 07854 188536. 

The Chaplaincy Team

  • Linda Pepper - Lead Chaplain - Church of England, Monday-Wednesday and Friday
  • Barbara Richardson Todd - Quaker, Thursday
  • Adele Chaplin - Humanist, Monday
  • Andy Chrin - Non-Conformist, Wednesday
  • Noah Goldsworthy - Jewish, Thursday