Bye-Laws and Strategy

Bye-Laws and Strategy


bye-laws and strategy


Our Strategy


Our Strategy was researched, designed and now implemented with student consultation. We identified the following themes by working with our students to shape our service provisions for them.


Our Rule Books

Bye-Laws and articles of association

The bye-laws and Articles of Association set out the rules on how we run as an organisation, and what different powers and responsibilites various student groups and representatives have. The bye-laws can be reformed by the Trustees and by Student Council working in tandem. If you'd like to reform the bye-laws, get in touch with your course rep, school officer or one of the full time officers to discuss bye-law changes, or email 


Bye-Law Number Name Last updated
1 Democratic Procedures July 2022 - Updated with EDI subcommittee and by-election dates changes from Council motions in March '22
2 Code of Conduct at Union Meetings November 2021, hybrid meeting additions passed by Student Council
3 Student Officer Job Descriptions  September 2021, addition of LSC London Officer after Council motion and trustee approval.
4 Trustees and Executive's Code of Conduct  February 2019
5 Members Code of Conduct February 2019
6 Disciplinary Procedures  December 2015
7 Trustee Board September 2020
8 Staff and Officers Working Together  September 2020
9 Activities Bye-law June 2021 - updated with sabatical officer name changes passed at December Council
10 Associate Membership provision for Partnership Students Passed at December 2021 Student Council


  Memorandum and Articles of Association Passed  August 2007   

Operational Policy / Operating Plans / Regulations

Operation Policy are Policies passed by the Trustee Board. They set out the way in which the SU operates in its services and its responsibilities to students. These documents are reviewed regularly. If you wish to review or amend these documents please contact the CEO. 

  Name Passed Review Date
1 Financial Procedures & Regulations October 2020  October 2022

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice sets out the University of Suffolk and Students' Union approach to Part II of the Education Act 1994. This Document places a range of responsibilities on the governing bodies of University institutions in regard to the organisation of Students' Unions. In particular, the governing body shall prepare and issue, and when necessary revise, a code of practice as to the manner in which certain requirements of the Act are carried into effect.

Code of Practice 

Freedom of Speech 

This Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech sets out the University of Suffolk and Students' Union approach to freedom of speech for the benefit of the Institution's students, staff and external visitors. 

Freedom of Speech Code of Practice


Data sharing agreements

We receive data from a number of organisations in order to aid us in pursuing our charitable objectives - you can find them below. If you have questions regarding data usage, please email 

Data sharing agreement with the University of Suffolk

Property First and UOS Students Union Data Sharing Agreement

AXO Student and UOS Students' Union Data Sharing Agreement