Mature Students Officer

Mature Students Officer



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My name is Daniel; I am a second year Accounting and Financial Management student here at the UoS. My primary goal is to help ensure all students enjoy the University experience and have access to the support they need to achieve this.

As a part time, mature student also balancing a full-time job, I understand the pressure faced by us all to succeed when time isn’t always on our side. I have found it difficult to get involved with many of the events set up for freshers’ week or organised during term time due to a conflicting schedule. One of my key aims will be to help evolve the current system into one that is more inclusive to those of us that want to get involved but aren’t always able to. I want to ensure there are more events during a variety of days and times to help everyone feel included.

In terms of my life experience, I have worked full time for the Civil Service for over four years now. I’ve worked with senior officials to pass bills through Parliament, worked on the ground in the community following the Grenfell fire in 2017 and currently I work as an Investigator for the Insolvency Service here in Ipswich. This experience has given me a wide range of exposure to all sorts of political and high-pressure scenarios which will allow me to confidently represent UoS’s mature student population. I currently serve as the Business School Officer for 2020/21 and whilst Coronavirus restrictions meant I was not physically present, I continued to virtually attend Council, Rep meets, and the school’s Academic Committee to share the experiences raised by students and ensure they were represented. I am also a Student Trustee on the Board for the Student Union.

My goals include:

  • Representation – Mature students often deal with various factors that can influence their experience. Similar to ensuring we enjoy the experience, I would represent the academic concerns and suggestions that mature students have so as to ensure we have just as much of an opportunity to succeed as our younger peers do. I would seek to build a relationship with the various School Deans to ensure feedback makes it way to those who can make a difference.
  • The mature student experience – Balancing study alongside our careers, families, and other time-consuming commitments means that mature students cannot always take full advantage of the activities and events arranged by the Student Union. There will never be a one size fits all fix for this, but more can be done to ensure mature students can share in the University experience. University should not solely revolve around just obtaining the degree we all want, but also ensuring we enjoy the journey.