PhD Reps

PhD Reps




PhD reps represent the academic interests of PhD students in their school, working with staff in the school and the Graduate School to action feedback and representing PhD students at SU meetings like Student Council.

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You can contact Camilla on


Camilla is a full time PhD student in Health and Biological Sciences at the University of Suffolk, investigating “Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders as a Spectrum of Food Intolerances” with the aim to advance knowledge in Functional Bowel Disorders and Food Intolerances.

Camilla is also working part time at the University of Suffolk as a Student Experience Ambassador with the School of Social Sciences and Humanities to improve the students overall experience at the university.

During her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Human Health and UOS, Camilla was her cohorts Course Rep and was awarded Suffolk+ Award (Gold) for volunteering over 50+ hours helping others with their studies in 20/21 during the pandemic.

Camilla is very passionate about enhancing the student experience and hopes to bring about positive action from your feedback as PhD students!