Part Time Students Officer

Part Time Students Officer


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Hello, I am Nosa, your newly elected Part-time Students  Officer.


About Me


I joined UOS in 2020 as a Master of Science in Public Health student. I have keenly followed the activities of the students' union and I have noticed it is an avenue for one's voice to be heard by the University Authority. I am a medical doctor and I have been involved in several leadership roles such as a two-year tenure as President of the Association of Resident Doctors in a tertiary health institution in Nigeria and Treasurer in a zone of the Nigerian Medical Association.

I will work closely with other students union officials to ensure that the part-time students are well represented in the scheme of affairs in the union.


My Goals


  • The part-time students have loads of materials to study to be able to pass various assessment modules; I will make this less tedious by ensuring that our tutors bring an element of life into the virtual learning environment (VLE) by organising periodic live sessions to give the students a sense of belonging and simulate what is obtainable in a real classroom.
  • I will constructively engage the university authorities through the students' union executives regarding more robust and module-directed feedback from our tutors in order to improve our learning performances.
  • I will strive to keep the part-time students up-to-date with various occurrences in the university through the available communication channels with a view to getting feedback from them and addressing their concerns.

I believe in team spirit.