President of Activities and Wellbeing

President of Activities and Wellbeing



Katie pickard, president of activities and wellbeing, smiling in front of the marina




Hello everyone, I'm Katie, and I have the honor of serving as the current President of Activities at the Students' Union this academic year.

When it comes to planning fun activities, I've organised an array of exciting events, from bar crawls and pub quizzes to unforgettable parties and delicious meals. If you catch me at karaoke night, you can bet that I'll be belting out any song from Mamma Mia, as it's my go-to karaoke anthem.

Throughout my whole life, I've lived in Ipswich, cherishing the experiences and memories this town has given me. I'm incredibly enthusiastic about making our time here at the student union truly special, and I look forward to creating many more memorable moments together!

My manifesto points for this year are:

Home away from Home

Help and events for students in student accommodation and international students

Home away from Home is about helping students who have moved away from home for University.
This includes welcome guides, events catered for students living in student accommodation (dog walks, roast dinners) and giving students the skills they need to live independently (cooking classes, wellbeing support and financial advice).

monthly socials and wellbeing events 

Such as nights out, sporting events, quizzes and crafts

This manifesto point is about giving students the chance to enjoy monthly socials, such as pub quizzes, nights out, trips and monthly wellbeing activities!
Events will be open for everyone but special discounts and other advantages will be giving to students who are a part of a sport team or society. This will aim to help increase engagement amongst sports and societies. We will be working closely with local businesses to help plan the best events possible in order to give students the best Uni experience.

Better facilities in all campus buildings

Such as coffee machines and microwaves

The SU Social Space and Shop is such a popular area on campus, but if you have a lecture in a different university building you may not have the time to come over to the SU. This is why I think it is important to put some of the facilities from the SU into the other campus buildings. To begin with we hope to include a coffee machine and then expand to a designated area with microwaves and hot water machines.

Promote student engagement

By supporting Officers, Committees and Course Reps

Lewis and I wish to promote student engagement and awareness within the SU. This means we would increase the number of student led initiatives, events and societies by supporting Officers, Course Reps and Committees. We would also make use of course specific students for SU events such as Event students and Photography students. Why should we use external photographers when we have our own students who would be amazing at the job?