President of Education

President of Education



Your Presidents give a report to Student Council every month, updating the student body on their work over the past month. You can read Alex's  latest monthly report below. 





Hi, I'm Alex, your President of Education

I joined UOS in 2018 and studied Special Educational Needs and Disability Studies (SENDS). During my studies I got involved in the Student’s Union through becoming a Course Rep, attending Student Council and dropping in to say Hi to the President and VP at the time. In my second year, I became the Chair of Student Council and Student Trustee on the Board of the SU. Outside of university I love bouldering and climbing as well as watching motorsport.


Things Alex worked on last academic year


Ready to Graduate Skills 

Extra-curricular life skills that will go on to help students feel ‘Ready to Graduate’. This will include anything from taxes, mortgages and car insurance to CV writing, interviews skills, job searching, and more! All easily accessible using Brightspace as well as occasional lectures. 


More Sustainable Campus 

As part of creating a more environmental focus on campus, Meg Wright and I have focussed on different things to bring to UOS. My focus for this point would be to bring 2nd Hand Clothes Fairs to the university as well as Eco Refills to sell whole foods and other items without excess plastic packaging. 


Mental Health Training for Personal Tutors 

Personal Tutors are at the frontlines of our education and are often the first person we head to for any problems as they are an approachable person we already know. I will campaign to give ALL Personal Tutors the training they need to be able to support student’s mental health and wellbeing and be able to signpost to the appropriate support services if they cannot help. As part of this manifesto point, I?will also ensure that students can keep the same personal tutor across their whole degree and not have them changed every year as some courses have. This will be crucial for enforced mental health as students will not have to bear?declaring personal information multiple times. 


Both myself and Meg Wright will work together on: 

Create Course-wide networks 

These will allow students to connect with peers across the year groups to gain research participants for dissertations or ask for support from the higher year groups. This will also include a budget to host social nights as this is something students have?missed out on the past year. 


Keep up to date with my progress or reach out to me via my email, social media or just by popping into the office! 


Thank you for electing me as your President!