Your SU is dedicated to giving students the best university experience possible. Joining a society is one of the many ways you can get involved in fun activities outside of your studies. Societies are an asset to the SU, bringing you more opportunities to make friends, build support networks and learn new skills.

All of the societies are run by committees which volunteer to provide you with these great opportunities. From academic societies representing the interests of their students, liberation societies for underrepresented groups and recreational societies just for the fun of it - we are sure there is something for you! We highly recommend joining a society, and having a committee role looks great on a CV. Check out the menu on the left hand side to get information on joining our existing societies, or starting your own one! If you have any questions regarding societies, drop us an email at 

Check out which societies we have below:

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    Pagan / Witch Society

      Society for anyone who identifies as pagan, or as a witch. A safe space to make friends who share similar beliefs and values!
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