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Games Society

Welcome to the University of Suffolk games society! A place for casual and competitive gamers to meet, play and compete in a wide range of games and events!

Over the university year we will be hosting events in the Atrium games labs (Unless stated otherwise) every Wednesday evening/night. Such events include:

  • Friendly general sessions- Just turn up and either join an on-going game or grab some players and start your own game
  • Lab LAN parties- Come along and join a multiplayer game hosted on the games lab computers! We aim to make these games that either most people will own or are free to play!
  • Tournaments- On the last Wednesday of every month we will be selecting a game (with input from our members) and hosting a full tournament with prizes at the end!

Other Perks of being in the Society also include:

  • 10% off for all members at Press Start Gaming Lounge, a 15 minute walk from the Uni!!
  • 15% off at MC Pro Hosting for all of your server hosting needs from Minecraft to Ark, to factorio to Gmod!

On the committee is:

  • President - Lewis Arnold 
  • Secretary - Benjamin Dally
  • Treasurer - Daniel Bailey
  • Society Liason - Charlotte Spurgeon
  • Wellbeing Officer- Luke Tammadge
  • Social Secretary - Jack Gilmour
We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
No elections are currently running
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