Dance Society

Dance Society

Dance Society

The dance society is all about love, connection, stress relieve and creativity. It is an inclusive society so your age or experience with dancing is not essential, everybody is welcome to join us


Welcome To the 'Dance Society Page'. We are here to provide people with a safe space to be creative, meet the Dance Community and let off some steam. We are all about being inclusive and making connections within our creative community. We will be hosting a number of events each week as well as monthly contests with a prize for the winner. We will also be holding socials to get to know each other better. We want to make the experience as safe, creative, inclusive and fun as possible.

We will be following the Covid-19 rules that are put in place and most events will now be online.



 Anyone is welcome to join us, Dancer or Not! We offer a range of styles from ballet all the way up to party dances like chocolatte and the macarena. 




                                   -Street/ Urban/ Locking



                                   -Ballet/ Contemporary

                                   -Cha cha 



                                   -Party Dances


 We are about learning new things and having some fun so everyone is welcome!



                                PRESIDENT-  Kira Mayes-Barwick 

                                SECRETARY-  Carolina porque 

                                TREASURER-  Vlad 

                                WELLBEING OFFICER-  Amy Howe 

We Look Forward To Meeting You All!

Make sure To follow the Facebook page for updates on events and classes OR you can always email me directly with any questions at



We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
No elections are currently running
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