Student Disciplinary

Student Disciplinary

Student Disciplinary

As a student you are expected to comply with the rules and procedures outlined in the University’s General Regulations and other policies, such as the Dignity at Study policy and acceptable use of I.T.

If a serious concern has been raised about your behaviour, it will be reported to the Disciplinary Officer, who will investigate the matter and take appropriate action. The Disciplinary Officer will normally interview you and relevant staff and students.

If the Disciplinary Officer finds you guilty of misconduct, they will impose a penalty or seek more information.

Possible penalties if you have been found guilty include:

  • A warning;
  • Being required to apologise
  • Being cautioned – while there is no penalty, if you are found guilty of a second offense both offences will be accounted for
  • Being conditionally discharged, which means that no penalty is imposed, subject to the fulfilling certain stipulated conditions including future good behaviour over the following twelve months or some other specified period.
  • A fine
  • Temporary or permanent exclusion

If you are not happy with the outcome of the disciplinary procedure, you are able to appeal the decision by writing to the Secretary of the University’s Board, within 10 working days of the date of the written notification of the outcome of your case. We strongly encourage you to contact us for further guidance.


Grounds on which an appeal will be considered are:

That the penalty is disproportionate in the circumstances;

That the Disciplinary Officer did not make reasonable efforts to acquire all relevant information;

That new evidence has become available that could materially affect the Disciplinary Officer’s decision or recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor/Principal;

That there is evidence of procedural irregularity and/or prejudice and/or bias or the appearance of prejudice and/or bias in the conduct of the disciplinary process.


Once the evidence has been heard, the Disciplinary committee will decide whether to uphold the appeal or dismiss the appeal. If the committee dismisses the appeal, then the original penalty will apply. Unfortunately, there will be no entitlement to a re-hearing of the case.

If you still feel that your case has not been dealt with you may be able to seek a review by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA).


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