Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances


We hope that your time at UoS will be happy, productive and exciting. However, we know that sometimes normal life can get in the way. If your ability to study becomes affected by illness or unexpected events, it’s important to speak to your personal tutor and discuss making a claim for Extenuating Circumstances.

The University defines Extenuating Circumstances as ‘significant personal difficulties’ that may impact upon your assessment. These circumstances are usually beyond your control and include: bereavement, your health and mental health, or any unexpected accidents.


What can I apply for?

Extension – You can apply for an extension at least 5 days before your assessment deadline. If your claim is successful, the deadline will be extended to an additional 10 working days, for which you won’t be given a penalty.

Deferrals – If you don’t think an extension will give you the time you need, a deferral will allow you to delay submitting your assignment or sitting your exam.

Intercalation – You have the option to take up to a year out of your studies. You will be intercalated from the day that you submit your request.


How do I submit a claim for extenuating circumstances?

The application form can be found on the O.A.S.I.S. portal on MySuffolk. You’ll have to submit a short statement and include evidence to support your case, and confirm whether you’re applying for an extension, a deferral, or intercalation.


The following are listed as unacceptable circumstances:

Poor time management

Minor illness such as colds

Financial issues

Computer or printer problems

Not having backup of electronic documents


What evidence can I submit?

Medical/health certificate (with date aligning with the assessment period to show effect on studies)

Copy of a death certificate

Police report (of relevant incident)

Letter of support or explanation from a third party (e.g. solicitor or employer)

Letter of support or explanation from a University support service (e.g. disability or counselling)


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