Academic Appeals

Academic Appeals


If you’re unhappy with a grade you have been given, you can make a formal academic appeal within 15 working days of being notified of the ratified result.


What can I appeal?

A final award result;

An examination mark;

A coursework mark (including portfolio, dissertation, project, and physical performance);

Required withdrawal from study;

A verdict of, or penalty applied in respect of, academic misconduct;

A refusal to permit the late submission of coursework or other decision of the Extenuating Circumstances Panel.


There are three stages to academic appeals:


Early Resolution:

We encourage you to seek feedback on results or other academic decisions and try to resolve the matter informally if possible. However, we recognise that you may wish to progress your appeal to the formal stage following this.


Formal Stage

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of the informal stage, you can submit a formal academic appeal using the Academic Appeals form (formal stage) to OSACC, along with any supporting evidence.

Your appeal needs to meet at least one of the following grounds:

Correct procedure was not followed which undermined the validity of the academic result or decision;

Prejudice or bias on the part of the markers, the Academic Misconduct Panel, the Extenuating Circumstances Panel and/or the Assessment Board affected the academic result or decision;

The student’s performance was adversely affected by extenuating circumstances that he/she had not previously submitted to the Extenuating Circumstances Panel and which he/she could not have reasonably been expected to submit in advance of the meeting of the Assessment Board;

Significant changes were made to a course without being properly communicated;

Alleged unfair treatment or discrimination in the assessment process which, for good reason, has not been considered previously under the Student Complaints Procedure.


What happens to my formal appeal?

Your appeal with be acknowledged by OSACC within 5 working days of receipt and if the appeal has valid grounds and has been received in the appropriate time frame, will go to an academic appeals panel to be reviewed. Normally, you won’t be asked to attend this.

Once the panel have gone through your evidence, they will then decide whether to upheld, partly upheld or reject your claim.


What if I’m not happy with the outcome?

If you are not happy with the outcome you can submit a review stage appeal.


What grounds does my review stage appeal need to meet?

It must meet at least one of the following:

There is new information put forward by the student that, for good reason, could not have been provided earlier in the process;

There was procedural irregularity in the conduct of the formal stage;

There was prejudice and/or bias or the appearance of prejudice and/or bias, in the conduct of the formal stage;

Evidence put forward at the formal stage was not fully and properly considered.


How is my Review Stage Appeal Considered?

Your review will be assessed by the Academic Register or nominee to determines whether your appeal should be reconsidered by a new panel.

If the Academic Registrar or nominee decides that your review stage appeal should be reconsidered by a panel, a new panel will meet and will have different membership to the original panel.


There are two possible outcomes:

  1. The panel may decide that your appeal should be upheld. You will normally have notified of this decision within 5 working days of the panel meeting.
  2. The panel may decide to reject the appeal. You will be notified of this decision within 10 working days of the panel meeting through the issue of a Completion of Procedures Letter.


What if I feel my appeal has still not been satisfactorily dealt with?

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the review stage appeal, you may be able to seek a review by the OIA should the case be eligible under the OIA’s rules. Visit the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA).


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