Your SU Team

Your SU Team

Welcome! let us introduce ourselves...


The SU team is made up of two full-time elected student officers, called our SU Presidents, who are elected in by the student body each year and have a set of manifesto points to deliver on to help better your student experience. 

We also have our career staff, who are specialists in their area and help to facilitate the running of our services such as sports, events, student elections, advice, and overseeing the running of Shop SU. They work alongside the SU Presidents to help them deliver on their manifesto points and ensure the smooth running of the SU services.

Last but most definetly not least, we have our student staff members, who are currently studying at the University of Suffolk, and work on a part-time basis alongside their studies to help run our SU services! They are valued members of our team and we wouldn't be able to continue to provide an awesome student experience without them.


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