liberation societies

liberation societies

Liberation societies

What are they?

Relaxed networks that run events and are a social space for student to connect.

Are they different from normal societies?

Yes, in that, they a far more relaxed version of a society. Consider it more like a network! Liberation societies do not have to meet the compulsory agenda such as attending Activities Committee and they cannot be dissolved due to inactivity. They are far less formal!

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! They are free!

Then how do they have a budget?

The SU grants them money at the start of the year.

Should I still become a member on the website?

Yes, in order to run and vote within the society.

What committee roles are there?

The usual five (Pres, Tres, Sec, Wellbeing and Social Sec) and an additional role automatically given to the part time liberation officer/s within that organisation.

What does that officer do on the committee?

As they were elected to represent students of that demographic, they are there to pass on specific information and work towards the same goals. However, a society is there for social reasons and events, whereas an officer has elected duties. The officer will suggest ways they can support each other and collaborate where possible.

Does an officer have responsibilities on the committee?

They can come to committee meetings and have admin rights. In that sense, they are a committee member, but they're not expected to do anything and are not responsible for organising or running the society in anyway. 

Can a Liberation Society run campaigns? Can a Part Time Officer run events?

Both parties can do this, either on their own or collaborating (we prefer the second option). Ultimately, the two exist to support the students within their demographic and improve the student experience. As long as this is achieved, we’re happy! Can anyone run to be a committee member?  

Yes, as long as you self-identify with what the group represents. The liberation officer of that group are not to run for one of the 5 main roles, as they already have a place on the committee.