LSC London Officer

LSC London Officer

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So what is my let's say working or business plan for the next year as a campus officer...

Definitely, to student show more respect after each others ! 

Help support and protect each other on a much more higher level. Make sure, and present extra attention and helps for to those good colleagues - who will needs it  much more then the others. Always protect the innocent and make sure everyone will gets the necessary information for to their studies. Make the groups/courses are much more interactive and active. Even in this covid times. Built strong and hard learning communities, where study, and good/hard team working skills and sacrifices are highly appreciated and rewarded! Improve the student application, to students receive or even share much more relevant informations between themselves. Make a good and strong connection line between all the different departments of the university. And also between the Teachers, Teacher assistants and Students as well. Organising free time activities, campaigns for to the university, to improve ourselves, and built a successful community, to help together everyone reach their own goals and success through the university years! 

Only together we can win!