Cardio - Strength - Core

This class will allow you to work on the three essential components that form the complete workout. Each workout is twenty minutes long, hence the name: 20-20-20.

In your cardio segment, you'll be working on raising your heart rate for a prolonged period of time. The specific exercises vary each week, but you can expect to be doing activities such as skipping or shuttle runs.

When working on strength, you'll be completing muscle-specific exercises. In the past, this component has involved lunges, press-ups, and burpees.

In your twenty minutes, focusing on core strength, you'll be encouraged to focus on strengthening and conditioning your centre. This is done by doing set movements such as planking and wall sits.

Whether you're a complete beginner or experienced in sport and fitness, the class is designed to fit any ability. The exercises can be made harder or easier, meaning everyone can join in. The session is made more fun, by the fact that we have Social Sports Ambassadors to support you throughout and all backgrounds are encouraged to come. 

If you want to come to this complete physical workout that lasts 60 minutes, it costs just £1 for staff/students and £3 for members of the public. You can either pay on the tills at the SU Shop, and bring your voucher along to the session or pay at the door in cash. 

Join us every Monday from 17:15-18:15 in Room 2, Suffolk New College Sports Center. (If you don't know where to go, then come to the SU at 17:00, where our SSA's can take you to the session). 

We look forward to exercising with you!

*Please let the activators know if you have an existing injury or disability that may affect the session so that we can accommodate you correctly.