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Here at your SU, we want to make sports as accessible as possible. All sports opportunities are heavily subsidised for students and staff, to provide you with a vibrant and varied programme of activity. There are different pricing models for Social Sport and Competitive Sport, both designed to help us continue to provide great services for students and staff. 



Social sports

Social Sports are an affordable, low-cost way of keeping fit and having fun. Social Sports cost £1 per session, and there is no prior commitment needed - just turn up, pay and get involved! You can pick up a loyalty card from a Social Sports Ambassador, or from your SU. This will give you your 10th session for free, just keep collecting stamps on your card! Did you know that if you join our Active Well-being scheme, you get 6 FREE sessions of Social Sports? Check out our Active Well-being page for more info, or drop us an email at



competitive sport 

If you're looking to take things to the next level with sport, then you should join one of our clubs. All students and staff participating in competitive sports are required to pay a one-off SU Sport Membership fee, and then individual club fees as well. This is designed to give students better access to multiple competitive sports. 


What is the SU Sport membership (ssm) fee?

The SSM fee is a core part of the fee you'll pay to compete as part of University of Suffolk. We keep this fee uniform for all students and staff, and you only need to pay this ONCE to join as many sports teams as you like. Currently, Mens' and Women's football, Women's futsal, Netball, Badminton and Athletics are eligble to pay the SSM fee. The SSM fee is paid directly to the SU, and covers the following things:

  • Insurance
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Transport
  • Kit
  • Match fees
  • Competition fees
  • ...and lots more!

As an SU Sport Member, you will get FREE access to social sports throughout the year too. 


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What is the club fee? 

As demonstrated in the diagram, each sports club will have a club membership fee. This goes into a budget which is managed by club committees, and can be used to fund socials, additional transport, training and much more. After you've paid for the SSM once, you can join as many clubs as you like by just paying the club membership fee. The fees for 2019/2020 are the following:

  • Women's Football: £20
  • Women's Futsal: £20
  • Badminton: FREE (new club for 2019)
  • Athletics: FREE (new club for 2019)
  • Men's Football: £20
  • Netball: £20

To work out what you will pay, just add the club memberships together for what sports you'd like to play, and then add the SSM. For example, to play netball, futsal and badminton you would pay £20 + £20 + £0 + £45 = £85 for the whole year. Sports at the university is heavily subsidised by the SU, with the average club costing about £5,000 in total. We want you to have as many opportunities to do different as possible, so that is why we ask for a small contribution to the overall cost of running a club. If you're on your clubs' committee, or the treasurer, you can find out more about managing your club's finances here.