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Amy Grant

Vice President

Vice President

Amy Grant 



Course studied: Psychology & Early childhood studies 

Previous home: Bodmin, Cornwall

One wish for this year:This year I wish to make an impact. As an    officer, something we often talk about is legacy. What will I be remembered for? I want the SU to make an impact of the student experience and make changes for the better. Our university moto is to embrace change. The Students’ Union and every student at this university should be empowered to make change happen and embrace it. 

How would you be described?

Passionate, adjective: having strong feelings or beliefs for a cause, action or project. 



24-hour library-The university are currently running a pilot with 24 hour opening during peak deadline periods. After this trial the usage will be reviewed to determine impact and assess whether the library should permanently be 24-hour access. USE IT OR LOOSE IT! 

Keep Wednesday afternoons free-this is a national campaign which both BUCS and NUS are supportive of. The aim is to encourage university to not schedule teaching time on a Wednesday afternoon to enable students to participate in sports teams and extra-curricular activity. This manifesto is now complete and the university has pledged to keep Wednesday afternoons free from 12pm onwards. 

Social space-Constant feedback from students has driven this manifesto pledge to be become complete. The university are investing £320,000 to develop a new Students’ Union social space and grab and go shop which will be complete from September 2019 onwards. This is the biggest achievement of the SU’s and really shows how much power the students voice has.

Silvercloud-Slivercloud is a digital mental health platform which widely used by both the NHS and other higher education institutes. With the current mental health crisis and demand for extra support services this platform can have a massive impact on the wellbeing of our student body. My manifesto pledge is to strive for better mental health provision on campus and investment in commentary platforms such as Silvercloud. 

Washing machines- the prices of circuit laundry within student accommodation is a problem which even NUS has picked up on. Collectively with other students’ unions I pledge to investigate this bank breaking problem and seek to deliver a free or cheaper service for students. No more spending up to £10 on one wash or washing your knickers in your sinks.