Amy Grant

Vice President

Vice President

Amy Grant (2018-2019 Academic Year)

Course studied:

Psychology and Early Childhood Studies.

Previous home:

Bodmin, Cornwall  

One wish for this year:

To engage more students with all that the Students’ Union has to offer. I believe it’s important for students to feel part of a community and for them to be aware of the opportunities that the SU has to offer.  

How would you be described:

I think the first word that people would say is ‘Bubbly’. I feel my personality is one that brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I channel this passion and my values into everything I do, and is what people have known me for during my studies and now as Vice President.

Reason for running for the role:

Before coming the University of Suffolk I knew that I wanted to get involved with the Netball team as I had played throughout high school and 6th form. After signing up at Freshers’ fair the team opened up so many doors for new friendship groups and opportunities. Getting involved enabled me to become a social butterfly and take on leadership roles within the team; Secretary in second year and then President in third year. When I reflect upon my university experience I recall many key opportunities which helped me develop beyond my degree. Through being a committee member I was able to flourish within the Students’ Union and all it has to offer. Getting involved with Freshers’ and SU events was so much fun and rewarding which encouraged me to get involved more. With this passion it became obvious that campaigning for Vice President put me in a position to achieve all that I envisioned. Winning the election was the best feeling ever and I feel so empowered to do the best by students and make this year as exciting, fun and impactful as I can.