Georgia Downs



Georgia Downs (2018-2019 Academic Year)

Course studied: Psychology & Early Childhood Studies

Previous home: Chelmsford, Essex

One wish for this year: To create better visibility and identity of the Students’ Union with the goal of supporting students to make the most of their time at University.

How would you be described?

I have been described as having a friendly and warm-hearted demeanour, with a zest for life. However, if I were to describe myself I would say I’m a social butterfly that approaches life with optimism. I’m always keen for a chat and will listen with an open mind.

Reason for running for the role?

I had an amazing university experience, I took part in Freshers’ events in my first year, thoroughly enjoying my degree for three years, got involved with the netball team in 2017, all of which convinced me to nominate myself for the president role in 2018. I wanted to share my university experience with other students and ensure they have a great time here too! I knew this role would offer me the opportunity to have an impact on the student experience. I’m not one to hold back so the thought of making change on behalf of students is so exciting! Having the ability to shape what current and future students will experience, and the kind of university they will study at, helped drive my passion for the President role.

Campaign points:

- More socials for everyone (ball pits, comedy nights, food events, games nights)

- UOS SU Snapchat

- Recorded Lectures

- Anonymous feedback platform

- Charitable events