Candidate Question Time is your chance to put your questions to all of our officer candidates - what question do you have about their manifestos, what would they do about a key issue you're passionate about, and what sets them apart from the other candidates?
Check out the recording from the session below. 

Responses from the candidates at Question Time

For those candidates unable to attend question time, we have their responses here. We asked them:
1. What motivates you to complete your manifesto and attend your meetings as an officer?
2. If you were to be elected, what would your number one priority be?
Emmanuel Afolabi - Candidate for Postgraduate Officer
1.  For me, leadership is responsibility. If elected, I owe it as a duty to fulfill all my campaign promises and I am responsible for implementing the ideas in my manifesto. That is enough motivation, and I must also mention the fact that my passion for leadership will always drive me to make efforts to attend my meetings and implement planned tasks. 
2. My number one priority, if elected, sincerely, would be my academics, because that is my primary assignment in school. But my academics has given me enough time and room to take up leadership roles, which is what I want to explore. Therefore, my priority, leadership-wise, would be to wholeheartedly serve the students that have elected me as their representative. I believe they have put their trust in me by electing me, and I must not disappoint them. 

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