How can I nominate myself?

What are these Elections?

How does this relate to me?

What are the benefits of being in these roles?

Can I go for a position?

Can I find out more about each position?

What is the time frame for all of this?

What can I expect during Campaigning/Voting Week?

Who's RON?


Q ) How can I nominate myself?

Q) What are these Elections

A) These Elections are to decide what students will be leading the Students' Union for the next academic year - this includes two full-time positions (President and Vice-President) that work throughout the year to represent the students. The Elections also decide part-time positions (School Officers, Liberation Officers, Campus Officers) that students do while still studying. They represent their specific Schools and Liberation Groups and Campus at senior meetings and through their campaigns.


Q) How does this relate to me?

A) Well, well, well, start the beat and brace yourself.....almost everything you experience while studying here whether it is great or not so great can be impacted by you and those that represent you! They are able to raise common issues through the meetings they sit on and through their campaigns - so make sure you like it or back someone else! 


Q) What are the benefits of being in these roles?


A) As President or Vice-President, you will sit on the most senior meetings at the University and will have a platform to make an impact, all the while getting experience as heads of an organisation and as trustees of a Charity. As a Part-time Officer, you will have the opportunity to work closely with senior members of the University and develop a range of employability skills. In all positions, you will receive support and training to boost you in the role.


The scope of your development in the role is as large as your ambition and motivation. You will be the elected leader of the student body at the University of Suffolk and will have the importance and responsibilities that come with this. A brilliant platform and springboard to any career. 


Q) Can I go for a position?


A) Yes, you can! If you are in your Final Year (or happy to take a year out of your studies) you can run for a Full-Time Position - President or Vice-President. These are paid roles and you will take office on the 1st of July until the end of June. There are also many other positions for all other students, such as School Officer, a role that gives you the opportunity to have an impact at the highest level of your School. If you define as part of a Liberation Group you can run to represent them, which means acting as their voice at relevant meetings, and by holding drop-ins and events. Students can also run to be a Student Trustee, they sit on the board of trustees that oversee the Students' Union. 


Q) Can I find out more about each position?

A) Sure thing! Just Follow this link!


Q) What is the time frame of all this?


A) Nominations open on the 1st Feb and remain open until the 1st March. Between the Monday 5th March to Friday 9th March will be a period of training and time for candidates to prepare materials. Candidate Question Time will also be filmed during this period - asking those competing for a position some questions - which will be released early in the voting week. Speaking of which, Voting Week is the 12th March to 16th March. Then we have Results Night on Friday 16th! The Winners will take Office on the 1st of July after receiving a handover and training. 


Q) What can I expect during Campaigning/Voting Week?

From the 12th to the 16th of March you can expect to see candidates across campus and in lectures campaigning for your vote! Speak to them and find out what they are campaigning on and why they want to do it! It is your chance to decide who will represent you best!


Q) Who's RON?

RON or Reopen Nominations is a candidate for every position. If you vote for RON then you are saying you would rather reopen nominations than supporting the other candidates available. If this wins then Nominations will be reopened.