Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Your SU Advice service has teamed up with the Terrence Higgins Trust Ipswich to offer free condoms and C-cards for anyone under the age of 25.

Just drop in or make an appointment with us to register and this will entitle you to free contraception from all C-card outlets in the UK. You can find your local C-card outlet in Suffolk here.

You can get more information on contraception here.

We also offer free chlamydia and gonnorhea tests. Find out more about sexually transmitted infections here.

If your shy or nervous about seeing someone within the SU, you can order a free STI kit from the icash clinic, which tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, HIV and Hep B. For more information please visit the icash website.


How do I access emergency contraception in Suffolk?

If your condom broke during sex, or you have missed your contraceptive pill, or the effectiveness of your contraceptive at preventing pregnancy has been otherwise affected you may need emergency contraception. Your doctor will be able to tell you how the effectiveness of your pill can be affected, and you should always read the packet of your contraception.

Find the nearest place to get the emergency contraceptive pill, often known as the ‘Morning after pill’ here.