Welcome to the Official Page for University of Suffolk, for students seeking information on what the University offers for their LGBTQ+ students! Your University cares about all of their students, and it is for that reason that this page will offer insights into where you, as a student, can meet other like-minded individuals (or maybe someone you never thought you would speak to!), go for a night out in Ipswich, or get any support that you might need.

LGBTQ+ Awareness is something that is very important to the University of Suffolk and your Student’s Union. Understanding pronouns, the erasure of certain sexualities, understanding differing identities, and LGBTQ+ Sexual Health is something that is imperative to the University. To gain more information on such content, please do not hesitate to contact the LGBTQ+ Officer, or anyone within the LGBTQ+ Society Committee. Within Ipswich there are organisations such as Outreach Youth, which is committed to enabling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Questioning young people and their peers, to realise their unique potential and to take a positive role in society. Additionally, Terrance Higgins Trust is a charity that campaigns on and provides services relating to HIV and sexual health. Your SU would also be more than happy to point students in the right direction without embarrassment, and all of your enquiries would be confidential.

Ipswich is a welcoming, LGBTQ+ friendly place, with nightclubs such as KC’s Bar and Nightclub offering an LGBTQ+ friendly environment, and Unit 17 hosting Glitterbomb nights, where Drag Queens and dancers bring the excitement of the LGBTQ+ Community to life with music and fun. The LGBTQ+ Society often organises nights out in these places, with opportunities to make friends and meet new people! Additionally, coffee days and daytime meet-ups are becoming available to those who would rather not stay out late, or cannot. Within the East and South-eastern parts of England, there are many events for LGBT or Questioning individuals, with the National Student Pride taking place February every year in London! 

There are many ways to get involved with LGBTQ+ events, or to organise your own! Contacting the SU, the LGBTQ+ Officer LGBTQ+ Society will give you a most of the information you will need. Don’t be afraid to get out there and make change – your SU will always be there to support you! 

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