Hello, and a warm welcome from all of us here at the University of Suffolk Students’ Union!


Who are we and what do we do

We are a member-led organisation run by students for students. We exist to make student life better at the University of Suffolk. We ensure that students have an independent voice only for their interests. We are led by two full-time sabbatical students (your President and Vice-President) and the rest of the executive committee, made up of Department and Campus Officers. We are largely funded by the University but we remain a completely autonomous organisation. Together we fight on the issues that you as students care about and our mission is to make your life better as a student whilst studying at UOS.

We're focused on engaging and providing the best services for our students.

Things we do:

1) Running Freshers' Week, fair, Summer Ball and other large events  

2)  We run a non-competitive sports programme called Most Active Students and provide students with over 20 hours of sport a week. 

3) Helping students with their concerns through our Advice Centre

4) We give students the chance to Voice their concerns through our Union council

5) Train and support over 200 Course Reps to improve students' academic experience whilst studying

6) Run a Volunteering service to help you gain further skills and valuable workplace experience