Democratic Procedures Committee

Democratic Procedures Committee


What is the DPC?


The Democratic Procedures Committee's (DPC) main role is to make sure Student Council operates in-line with the bye-laws of the Union, and to generally review and keep an eye on the governance of the Union.

It's a great chance to gain new skills and enhance your CV and the more you volunteer, the more you'll be rewarded through our employability schemem Suffolk+ !


HOW do i get involved?


We elect the DPC at the first Student Council of every academic year. 


Interested in how your Union is run, and in how organisations can make effective decisions? Then get involved in our Democratic Procedures Committee (DPC).


DPC works towards making democracy at the Students’ Union, fair, fun, engaging and accessible to all. They ensure Student Council meetings are transparent, factual, student led and are following the bye-laws correctly. The role comes with training and support and will be a chance to develop lots of useful skills. There are 5 spots on DPC, all of which will be elected by Student Council at their first meeting on November 9th - email for more info and to register your interest.