Chair of the Student Council

Chair of the Student Council



What does the chair do?


The Chair is elected by Council members during the first Council of each year, and is responsible for chairing Council and the AGM. They make sure the meetings runs smoothly and to time, that reps get a chance to debate all the topics, and that everything that needs to be on the agenda is discussed. The Deputy Chair takes over if the Chair is not able to chair the meeting for whatever reason. 



My name is Shannon Pilsworth, and I am the 2021/22 Chair for Student Council. During the up and coming council meetings I will be responsible for the governing and management of the flow of the monthly meetings agenda and also encouraging everyone to have their point of view voiced and heard, so that the issues raised and action taken, not only affects them in a positive light, but everyone who attends the university.


As a student, I am studying in my first year of Ba Hons Fine Art, whilst also being the sole student rep for my respective course. In my spare time, I am an avid watcher and singer of musical theatre, along with my passion for writing art inspired literary poetry.


I hope in my time as chair of the council, I help inform and follow through on many positive changes, to see the value of university life increase for one and all!









Hello, my name is Bianca Pintilii and I am the Course Rep for level 6 BSc Psychology and Criminology, as well as the Deputy Chair of the 2021/22 Student Council.

During second year of university, I have lost most of my motivation and determination to achieve my dreams. I do not know if it is because of Covid-19 or because I have allowed myself to slip, but that situation gave me a little push towards this moment. I have started to involve myself in everything that I can and work even harder for my degree.

I wish to help other students that feel like they are struggling in a situation similar to mine, so by all means, please let me know absolutely any concerns that you have and I will try my best to make university life sound and feel more like home.

In my rare spare time, I enjoy playing video games, currently obsessed with Genshin Impact and Persona 5, reading, watching anime, or randomly going on an adventure to all the charity shops in Ipswich.