Chair of the Student Council

Chair of the Student Council

Chair of the student council

sam clarke - union chair

What does the chair do?

The Chair is elected by Council members during the first Council of each year, and is responsible for chairing Council and the AGM. They make sure the meetings runs smoothly and to time, that reps get a chance to debate all the topics, and that everything that needs to be on the agenda is discussed. The Deputy Chair takes over if the Chair is not able to chair the meeting for whatever reason. 


Hello, my name is Sam Clarke, and I have been elected as Chair of the Student Council for 2023/2024. I am a level 6 part-time Psychology student, as well as the School Officer for Social Sciences and Humanities. In my spare time, I love going to concerts and spending time with friends. I also enjoy watching films at the local cinema, usually with a large tub of popcorn.


As Chair, I will be responsible for making sure Student Council meetings flow and run on time, cover the agenda, and make sure everyone gets a chance to speak, and have their opinion or question heard. If for any reason I am unable to Chair, Martyn as Deputy Chair will step in.

I have really enjoyed my time as Chair, and it has really helped grow my confidence in speaking in front of others, as well as learn more about the Students Union and be more involved with it.