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Course Rep Elections

Course Rep Elections



No elections are currently running


Standing to be a rep?

Check out the candidate hanbook here - this has all the rules and regs you'll need to follow and some tips on running (please note an earlier version of this handbook incorrectly stated the polling closing date as Friday 7th May - voting is open until Sunday 9th May, 5pm). Additional rulings on various things such as campaigning in closed social media groups and Brightspace can be found here - these rulings are binding on candidates, as are the rules in the candidate handbook.

You can also see additional tips on running an election on the candidate page here - please note that the matierals on this page were produced for the main officer elections so some sections (and references to dates) may not be applicable to course rep elections.


Questions? Drop an email.



What is a course rep?


Course reps represent the students on your course by collecting feedback throughout the year, and work as part of a team of other representatives to discuss and decide on the direction of the SU and University based on student leadership.


What do you get by being a rep?


We've now launched Suffolk Plus, our new employability award where the more you volunteer in the SU, the better the rewards you receive! All our course rep roles in this election will be eligible for the Suffolk Plus Award. Find out more about the award here


So how do I get involved?


We'll be running elections for course reps in the new academic year - if you're interested in being a course rep check back in then, or email if you'd like to know more about the role. You can also find out more about the role here

On a course that doesn't have a rep and want to stand now? Drop an email about becoming a rep! (you can find out if your course has a rep here).