No election is currently running - the next one will start in September for Course rep positions and Part-time officers


Your SU is a democratic organisation, ensuring that it works for YOU. Elections are held for all positions that involve the running of the SU. Here you can find out more about the roles involved and apply and vote for those.


Find out more about the role





What are the Elections?

These are opportunities for students to become representatives of their peers and take on a leadership role to continually improve the university and student experience. You can nominate yourself and say why you would be great in the role.  
Why do they matter?

It is essential for your students' union to be led by elected representatives and ensure that it is working in the interests of the Student Body. Therefore, Students' Union policy and accountability are in the hands of elected students. 

What roles are there?

Course Representative: Act as the voice for your cohort and a point of contact to raise course wide issues or praise. You will attend Course Committees (3 a year), Student Councils (5 a year), and Officer Drop-ins (once a month) 

Liberation Officer: Act as the representative of a liberation group, collecting their feedback and delivering this in university and Students' Union meetings, providing them with a voice and seeking change on their behalf. (Liberation positions include: Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic / LGBT+ / Mature Students / Students with Caring Responsibilities / Students with Disabilities / Postgraduate / Women's).

School Officer: Act as a representative for the students in your school through working closely with course reps throughout the school. Supporting course reps with challenges and being the point of contact to take things from a course level to a school level. To work as a part of the Student Officer Committee and to implement passed policy and lead the students' union.

President / Vice President: These are full-time positions to lead the students' union on a day to day basis and act as the student voice in senior university meetings. To work as part of the student Officer committee and to implement passed policy.

How do I get involved and when?
If you want to run for a role that is vacant then nominate yourself on the students' union website. Elections will be open in October for course representative roles and unfilled part-time positions.