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Your SU is a democratic organisation, ensuring that everything we do is student-led and works for YOU. Here you can find out more about the roles involved and apply and vote for them too.


Course rep by-elections


We're running elections for those courses that didn't elect reps in the first round of elections - You have until 5pm, Tuesday 2nd december to vote! Please make sure to log in to the website in order to vote.


Candidates: check out our candidate handbook, with all the key info you need to know about this year's elections, and all candidates must watch the video below  with all the key rules and regs for the election (please note - the dates in the video are for the previous election - election dates for this election are to be found in the candidate handbook linked to above). 


Please make sure to log in to the website in order to vote.


Course Rep By-Elections 2020

Course reps represent the students on your course by collecting feedback throughout the year, and work as part of a team of other representatives to discuss and decide on the direction of the SU and University based on student leadership. For further questions about these elections or the roles, email

189 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 17:00 on Wednesday 2 December 2020 (in 5 days and 5 hours)

Please log in to see more details.



What are the Elections?


These are opportunities for students to become representatives of their peers and take on a leadership role to continually improve the university and student experience. You can nominate yourself and say why you would be great in the role.  

Why do they matter?

It is essential for your students' union to be led by elected representatives and ensure that it is working in the interests of the Student Body. Therefore, Students' Union policy and accountability are in the hands of elected students. 

What roles are there?

Course Representative: Act as the voice for your cohort and a point of contact to raise course wide issues or praise. You will attend Course Committees (3 a year), Student Councils (6 a year), and Officer Drop-ins (once a month) 


I can't nominate myself/vote for a position I think I should be able to


If you're struggling to vote, first thing is to make sure you're logged into the website with your student ID.

Next, is to make sure you're nominating for the right course or group - joint honours students can only participate in the election for the first course in their title (i.e. Psychology and Law can only vote for Psychology course rep). Those on sandwhich year and professional placements will vote for the same rep as coursemates who are not. 

If you've checked all this but still can't vote, drop an email and we'll make sure to sort things out for!