Candidate Question Time

Candidate Question Time


This week we put questions to candidates for our officer elections - watch the recording below!





Some candidates were not able to make the event, so we sent questions to them via email to reply to - their answers are below! Candidates were asked what their number 1 priority would be if elected, and for those not standing for a Campus Officer role, they were asked how they would represent all University of Suffolk students that fall under their remit. Candidates were also given the option to say a little bit about themselves and their campaigns, and to respond in either text or video form.


Student with Disabilities Officer answers

Helen Savory

My number 1 priority is making sure the university has measures in place to support ALL students no matter what ability. I would make sure all students are being represented by making sure their voices and questions are heard and not ignored.


East Coast College Officer answers



  • My number one priority if elected would be the state of the campus's and speaking to staff and students about the key issues they have on sites. 
  • I would ensure that the University of Suffolk students that attend campus- mainly the GY campus for the group I belong to, had their voices heard about what the main issues are for the sites they are studying in, but also for those on the other sites. 
  • I am 28 years old, a mother with a child and currently work alongside students with SEND. My Campaign is to ensure that the student's voice matters, both FE and HE, sometimes the student voice although valued cannot be always listened to. What I want to achieve is to ensure that changes are made, even if it is gradual on the issues that the sites and campuses have under East Coast College and University of Suffolk. 

LSC London Officer answers

Gabor Bajnoczi

My Name is Gabor Bajnoczi. I've been spent 15 years in the security industry. As a supervisor and as a Manager too. So I have some experience in controlling an management from real aspects of the life. 


If I'll get elected, my main duty will be to create and manage a stronger community, where everyone can share and reach their goals on an even higher and better way.

EAST School officer candidates

Bernard Harrison

My name is Bernard Harrison, I am a second-year student studying photography, last year I was the 1st year rep for my course which proved to be an interesting experience for obvious reasons. I would like to take this further this year by being the school officer for East and as I have mentioned below I would like to try to get some form of food and drink into the building, this came about because most of last year we were unable to obtain anything from other sources close by. 


My number one priority would be the well-being of all the students studying at East. I would like to see some form of refreshments in the building even if this is vending machines only. 


I would ensure that I was representing all the students in the group by regular meetings with all the course reps, and if needed by meeting with students from courses without reps.


Part-time Student Officer answers


I am Dr Uwugiaren Nosakhare Jackson, a medical doctor from Nigeria. I have held various leadership positions in the past where I had to represent my followers in terms of fighting for their welfare in my country. I achieved series of positive results during the time because I am a team player and my watch phrase is: a good name is better than riches!


I am vying for this office because I have noticed that some part-time students have lamented about the fact that they are alone on the virtual learning platform. Most tutors drop materials on the platform without carrying the students along. I intend to work closely with the current student union officials in order to remedy this by constructively engaging the school authority. This would be prioritized in my agenda.


Again, I will adopt an inclusive strategy by ensuring that all students within my jurisdiction are regularly intimated about up-to-date occurrences in the university as well as getting feedback from them regarding their learning experiences through the available communication channels.


A vote for me is a vote for dependable leadership.


Julius Mugabi

Hi, I am Julius Mugabi, an MBA student and Part-time student officer candidate. My campaign is about improving the delivery of course content and the relationship between part-time students and the university. If elected, I will make sure students get more from their courses of study while enjoying the experience.

What would your number one priority be if elected?

My priority will be to Foster Connections

Currently, there is no element of human factor in course content and how it is delivered.

It is important that the lecturer/instructor develops and maintains a human connection with students. This can be achieved through an interactive live video lecturer once a week where students can ask questions and get to know each other and their lecturers. At the minimum, lecturers should post a pre-recorded video lecture.

How would you ensure you represented all University of Suffolk students that are in your liberation group?

I will be hosting student engagement, career, and networking events to collect views from distance learning and part-time students. This will enable me to know the dominant views on how they would like their course content delivered and their career interests and how they can better be assisted to achieve them. I will also keep communications channels open and advocate for a virtual open day for all online students so they can get oriented into the University of Suffolk.


Paulina Megase

1. My number one priority will be to ensure that there is inclusiveness . My main priority is to. Relate an effective channel where student can easily be heard . Also there are going to be platforms to facilitate communication and networking so part time students do no feel alone . This platform will give them the chance to meet other students and create a strong network amongst themselves.


2.Definitely. Everyone needs to be heard and this won’t be an exception for them. I will make sure they are represented on various levels of discussion and their voices heard as well as effective feedback given.


Victor Nwaiwu

Warmest greetings to everyone once again

My name is Victor Chigbundu Nwaiwu, a Diagnostic Radiographer, currently running a Masters degree in Public health with the University of Suffolk. I am aspiring for the position of Part-time students’ officer.

With my wealth of knowledge and experience in online learning having already completed 6 modules, my priority would be to provide an online platform for all distant learners to ensure effective communication. Strengthening communication between student-student and student-tutor is key to ensuring a memorable and rewarding learning experience at Suffolk. I hope to utilize this medium to address issues of proper orientation, difficulties in learning technically demanding materials, etc.

I cannot wait to effectively represent part-time students by engaging with the university, staff, representatives, tutors, relevant clubs, societies and other organizations (via holding regular meetings) to ensure our voices are heard.

I am a gifted leader, excellence personified with a proven track record of massive success in various leadership positions such as course representative, team leader of both seminar & research groups, etc. Always willing to go the extra mile, I pledge to give my very best to produce the much needed results if elected.

Many thanks for your support and vote.


Emily Barasa