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British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the National Governing Body who organises the majority of competitive sport in Higher Education across the UK. All teams that compete in BUCS competitions can earn points for the University. Points are awarded for individual and team performances in league, cup and tournaments, all collating into a final university league table.



When do we compete?

Most league matches take place on a Wednesday afternoon, with lectures across the University finishing by 1pm. Some matches and tournaments take place on weekends as well, with this largely dependent on the competition and the sport. 

How can I compete in BUCS?

  • By attending our competitive sport sessions regularly and paying for membership, you'll be considered as one of our BUCS atheletes. We want everyone to get involved with our sports so it isn't super difficult to make our teams however, you do have to stay committed to the sport and have a good understand of the sport you want to play. 
  • If you want to enter into BUCS as an individual athlete, then the criteria is a little different. In the past we've been able to sponsor individuals who have shown an exceptional ability to compete in their sport and represent the university. This is dependent on your potential as an athlete and our funds at the time. You'll need to email su.activities@uos.ac.uk stating that you'd like to be sponsored and entered into an event and show some examples of your sporting history, (such as a reference from a coach or proof of past achievements). It helps to find dates and entry requirements of this beforehand too. We will review this and confirm if we can accommodate your request. If we can, we will provide you with extra training and kit to compete in. 

How do I Register for BUCS?

To join:

1. Download BUCS Play from the App Store or Google Play Store and Register or Login

2. Find your Sport Community by going to More > My Communities > Find a new community > search for the sport > Join

3. Once you have joined your Sport Community, you will find a number of features

4. Scroll down to the Teams section

5. Select your Institution (Suffolk)

6. Click Join on the relevant team 

7. Fill in all your details and then click Check Eligibility

8. If eligible, click Apply

Then together, you must create the Team Sheet:

Once you've joined the team, you will be able to move players from pending and available into the selected section. Once you have moved players into this section they will now be in the match day team sheet.

The match day team sheet can now be found against the fixture (click on the result button). To find this simply scroll to the fixtures tab on app. Click on the corresponding fixture. If you have correctly placed players into the match day team sheet you will be able to see you players displayed here.



Strict Liability means that you are solely responsible for any banned substance you use, attempt to use, or is found in your body, regardless of how it got there and whether you intended to cheat or not.

As a student competing in BUCS at any level you are subject to anti-doping rules and could be tested in or out of competition.