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We are one of the largest clubs at the University of Suffolk and have players of all abilities - so we welcome all new players regardless of experience and cater to all standards in a friendly environment, with all equipment provided!

This is how we plan to return safely:

Host up to only 10 people (8 Players, 1 Active Staff + 1 Coach)  

  • Assign rackets to avoid cross contamination. Instructions to sanitise regularly. If a player can not attend the following week, they are to sanitise and return the racket to the SU at least 48 hours before the next session.  
  • Shuttlecocks to be sanitised regularly, if possible. Students will be responsible for shuttlecocks on ‘their’ side and only shared between the players on each court if possible. Separate boxes of shuttlecocks will be provided for each session.  
  • Players are not to touch other players at all 
  • Players are not to touch their faces 
  • Unless in play, players are to maintain a 2m distance where possible. When in play, they must make a distance of less than 2m as brief as possible. 
  • Players will be asked to stay on their court where possible (4 courts, 8 spaces for players to play) 
  • Players to continue following government advice 
  • Surfaces such as benches, nets and posts are to be sanitised if touched.  
  • Players are to bring their own water bottle, named if possible 
  • Players are to sanitise equipment at every given break and hands 
  • Ensure that steps are taken to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other. 

You must sign up to a bubble before attending a session. This can be done above.
BUCS Bubble: This is a group of up to 8 players who have played before and are looking for more advanced training. They would hope to compete in BUCS when circumstances allow for it. BUCS Bubbles train on Thursdays at 4pm – 5pm in the Main Hall of SNC. You have 10 minutes at the end to re-sanitise equipment and swap over. You must leave by 5 to avoid a cross over with the Social Bubble. 
Social Bubble: This is a group of up to 8 players who just want to play for fun, haven’t played for a long time or maybe ever! They just want to get involved and try it out. Social Bubbles train on Thursdays at 5pm-6pm in the Main Hall of SNC. You have 10 minutes at the start to register, re-sanitise equipment.  Please do not arrive any earlier than 5pm to avoid a cross over with the BUCS Bubble. 
You must never attend both sessions. This will remain the rules until guidance can be updated and player’s numbers can be increased. If you’re not happy with your bubble, then please email so we can accommodate accordingly. (We’ll encourage an isolation term and then return if there’s space to other team).  
Committee: As the Badminton committee are still to be filled entirely, you may attend both sessions until you introduce committee, but you must stay on your own court and not swap over. Once new committee join, you must separate your committee into 2 and have half attend either social/competitive to welcome players and guide the session. Once separated into those bubbles, please stick to these bubbles and do not attend a different training session.  

If you'd like to be a committee member, please email:

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