Penny University Society

The society will act as a safe environment for students to engage with one another about a subject within the realms of the humanities, sciences and everything inbetween.

Here at Penny University, we gather together to chat about everything and anything.  

We want to create a safe space in which to explore different ideas and topics. All students are welcome to come and join for discussions or just subscribe to get the papers or subjects that are going to be talked about. We encourage tangents and all ideas, as an ideal meeting will start with our main topic and will end with the most strange conversation you had in your life. As we value individuality and different points of view, students of all ages and all courses are welcomed and encouraged to pop in for any meetings they are interested in. We aim to create connections all across the campus and build a society in which we gain more knowledge through open discussion and learn new things by going in depth on the little details.  


Do you have a strange obsession with medieval torture devices? Are you hiding your love for weird space facts from your friends? Well, if you join us you will surely get the chance to talk all about it in one of our meetings.

We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
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