Public Speaking

Are you Nervous to speak in public? Too shy to introduce yourself in front of people? Too nervous to ask that person out on a date? Join the UOS Public Speaking society We've got your back.

Would you like to speak in front of a group with ease and presence? And if that was possible, what could you do with your life?

Are you anxious or scared to be fully seen, or ashamed of your fear and nervous about speaking up in public?

Does your brain seem to disappear when you present? Or does it seem to be full of self-criticism and knowledge that the audience is judging you?

Maybe you just feel nervous when you do a presentation or become too shy to even introduce yourself in front of people or too nervous to ask that person out on a date.


Some people have left jobs, not got married, dropped out of university, got themselves demoted because of this fear.

You CAN change the way you speak and feel in front of people. You can learn how to be more self-confident and to tackle public speaking.  You can get used to being the center of attention. If you learn to relax around public speaking, you can get on with the life you want to live.

Join the UOS Public Speaking society today

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