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Student Leaders elected at the University of Suffolk

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Student Leaders elected at the University of Suffolk



This week, hundreds of students voted in the University of Suffolk Students’ Union elections.  


This follows a week of campaigning by 27 candidates. Our turnout has been celebrated with giveaways including doughnuts on campus and a smoothie bike.


Students stood for election on a range of issues – amongst them to improve University feedback, parking, social events, nightlife safety, sustainability and well-being, with a range of ideas from a well-being post box and improvements to student services. All of the campaigns shared a common goal of giving the students the best possible experience while studying at the University of Suffolk. We have no doubt that these students, that came forward to represent their peers, will go on to achieve a great deal, regardless of the results. 


Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to everyone who took part - whether as a candidate, campaigner or a voter.



President of Education and Engagement – Dan Goulborn

Vice President of Activities and Welfare –  Mauro Cardoso

These are full-time positions to lead the Students' Union on a day to day basis and act as the student voice in senior University meetings.

Liberation Officers:


These act as the representative of a liberation group, collecting their feedback, providing them with a voice and seeking change on their behalf. 


BAME Liberation Officer – Jay Chandler

Mature Students Liberation Officer – Larisa-Mihaela Nita

Students with Caring Responsibilities Liberation Officer – Lea Medcalf

Postgraduate Liberation Officer –  Christopher Tregedeon-Weedon

Womens Officer- Amber Atkinson

NUS Delegate Officer- Alexandra Sivriu

LGBTQ+ Officer- Darragh Briscomb



School Officers:

These act as a representative for the students in your school through working closely with course reps throughout the school. 


Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology- Rose Gant

Business School Officer – Daniel Betts

Health and Life School Officer – Stephanie Nye

East Coast College Campus Officer – Vilyana Velichkova

Bury St Edmunds Campus Officer- Shauna Mcardle


Vacant are the following positions which will go on By-election soon:


Psychology and Education Officer

Students with Disabilities Officer

Law and Social Sciences School Officer


We wish everyone good luck with their campaigns and we look forward to working together in achieving them!




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