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Could you be a Student Trustee?

We're looking for a new student trustee to help lead our Union - could it be you?

University of Suffolk SU is a charity, and therefore has a governing body called the Board of Trustees. The Board has ultimate repsonsiblity for the governance, budget, management and strategy of the Students' Union. 

Being a Trustee is an incredibly rewarding experience, but also one which comes with significant responsibility. Trustees are expected to be aware of and act in accordance with charity law, and holding office as a Trustee gives you responsibility for ensuring the Students’ Union's actions are lawful and purposefully and financially sound. 


You'll gain an incredible amount of skills, knowledge and experience through being a trustee, and get to put them to use improving the experience of your fellow students. Specifically:

  • You'll gain knowledge in areas such as charity law, commercial processes and organisational governance
  • You'll develop your decision making, organisation, team-work and speaking skills. You’ll gain experience in helping develop the strategy for a charity that serves almost 9,000 students, a really valuable experience to have at the start of your career.    
  • Suffolk Students’ Union serves thousands of students, representing their academic interests, providing social and commercial space and providing support and advice. By being a student trustee, you can play a leading role in ensuring the Union is doing all of this to the best of its ability

This position is for a student trustee role - to apply you must be a current student at the University of Suffolk, and continue to be throughout your term as trustee (terms are for a maximum of 2 years). You can find out more about being a trustee and the application process in our trustee pack here - please give this a read before applying.

To apply, please fill in the equality monitoring form and application form and return to The deadline for applications is 7th August, 5pm. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an online interview between the 17th and 28th August, after which a final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees, and ratified by the first Student Council of the year.

Questions and applications to: 


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