Whatuni Choice Awards Celebrate Exceptional Universities and Student Satisfaction

27/04/2023 - University Student President, Alex Gooch and Chloe Appleford invited to Whatuni Choice Awards to celebrate UOS recognition.



Our very own University Student President, Alex Gooch and Comms and Events Manager, Chloe Appleford had the incredible opportunity to be invited to the Whatuni Choice Awards, an event that celebrates universities and the impact they have on our lives, in recognition of the Cost of Living campaign that recieved a nomindation.

The excitement was palpable as thousands of students from across the UK shared their perspective through a comprehensive survey, ensuring that everyone’s voices were heard in recognizing excellence in higher education.

The Whatuni Choice Awards are unique because they rely solely on student opinions. This gives students the power to shape the narrative, shedding light on what truly matters in our academic journey. From course quality and teaching excellence to campus facilities and support services, every aspect of university life was scrutinized based on student candid feedback.

Being a part of the Whatuni Choice Awards was more than just attending an event; it was a celebration of our university being recognized in two major categories, postgraduate and career prospects, placing third and fifth respectively. We also had the honor of being one of the 10 institutions nominated for our work with the University in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

As the night came to a close, we left with a sense of pride and optimism. The Whatuni Choice Awards had not only recognized exceptional universities but also empowered students to be catalysts for positive transformation.

We are grateful to have been a part of this influential event, knowing that student voices played a role in shaping the future of higher education for generations to come.


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