The Baby Nurture Room

16/12/2022- Former Women's Officer Amber Louise Atkinson worked hard on improving the student experience on issues she was passionate about. This passion inspired Amber to create the Baby Nurture Room.

Denise and Amber Atkinson- mum and daughter.

Denise and Amber Atkinson are two inspirational women- mum and daughter. Amber Louise Atkinson was Women’s Officer at the University of Suffolk SU for two years and worked on improving the student experience on issues she was passionate about. When she joined the University as a student parent, there was no space on campus for her and other mums to breastfeed and express milk. She had to express milk in her car between lectures and wanted to change this for others.

This is what inspired her to create the Baby Nurture Room- a space for anyone who needs to care for a baby or a toddler while on campus or for mothers who need to breastfeed or express milk. She collaborated with the Students’ Union and University of Suffolk and when the project was complete, she asked her mum, who is an Arts student to decorate the room. The final result is a safe space, created with love and care by a mother and daughter, for all student parents and carers to use.

Amber and Denise shared:

“Collaborating on the Baby Nurture Room as mother and daughter has been a wonderful way to end our university experience together. We are hopeful all student and staff parents enjoy the welcoming space.”

The beautiful Baby Nurture room (W109) is located on the first floor of the Waterfront building. To use the room, please book a 15 min slot by going to: This is to ensure the privacy of everyone who uses the space. The room is equipped with a fridge for storing milk throughout the day.

This is just one example of the fantastic things officers at the SU are capable of. Here at the Students' Union we are passionate about students having as many opportunities as possible and we want everybody to feel comfortable attending the University.