End Period Poverty Campaign

20/04/2023 - The SU and Student Life Team are offering free eco-friendly period products.


The SU and the Student Life team are excited to introduce a trial initiative, offering eco-friendly period products, courtesy of Grace and Green, free of charge in all campus  buildings, including the DigiTech site.


Currently, these products are available in designated female, gender-neutral, and accessible toilets at the SU, Waterfront Building, James  Hehir Building, and Neptune Marina.


The availability will be extended to all campus buildings in the coming weeks. Students are encouraged to take what they need without any  judgment or inquiries.


This effort aims to create a more comfortable university experience and address period poverty among University of Suffolk students.


The campaign is one of the measures taken to help students with their cost of living, and you can find more information about such initiatives on our Cost-of-Living page, where we collaborate with the University to support students during this time.


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