What are we already doing?

What are we already doing?




Working with the university


Your President Education, Alex, has been working with the university to secure additional funding for students.



At our next Cost of Living campaign meeting Alex will have some exciting updates on some initial wins from these conversations with the university.

Join us at 5pm, Oct 24th in the SU Social Space to find out what progress he's made!




Alex has reached out to the local MP for Ipswich, Tom Hunt, to discuss the cost of living crisis and how it is impacting students, and will be meeting with him in the near future to discuss how your MP can use his voice in Parliament to support students.






Alex has also been working with other Unions nationally to hold the government to account on supporting students through the cost of living crisis. 

He's attended meetings with other Unions and signed this open letter to the new Chancellor along with other SU Officers around the country. 


Forming a cost of living campaign group


We invite you to join us Monday the 24th of October at 5pm in the SU Social Space, where Alex will be revealing the details about the incredible wins we’ve made for our Cost of Living campaign. This will be an open space for conversation on the crisis, so please do come down and share your thoughts with Alex and the team on what we can do together to make a difference. When students get involved, we can do big things!