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Activities to do with your friends

Activities to do with your Friends 

During your university years its still important to take time to relax and have fun, especially with all the new friends you’ve made. They may very well turn into friends for life if you stick by each other. So here are some ideas to make some memories, or just enjoy your time together. 

A Walk Through Town 

A simple stroll through town is surprisingly effective at finding something good to do. If you just wander aimlessly it gives you time to talk to each other or familiarise yourself with Ipswich town. There’s the comic book shop along the path leading into town from Suffolk college, if that catches your interest. Or if you’re feeling peckish you can always go into Subway, McDonald’s or Kaspar’s which you can find at the traffic lights going south, east and west. If you’re thirsty instead you can try Costa Coffee next to said traffic lights, or Shakeaway on the same street as Waterstones, they’ve got wide selections. Or, if you prefer gaming, you can visit the Press Start Gaming Lounge on Prince’s Street, where you can play together or separate on any console of your choosing with a wide selection of games. 

A Visit to the Cinema 

An old pastime between friends is seeing a movie, usually with a drink and/or food, and there’s some good choices in Ipswich. The first is Cineworld, which has a long line of restaurants right outside it like Nando’s, ASK Italian and Harvester if you’re out late and fancy a treat. Cineworld has all modern screening types, including IMAX, and café’s inside to rest at if you’re too early or just fancy a snack beforehand. It was the only cinema in Ipswich for the longest time and is still going strong, so check it out if you’re nostalgic or just like a place with a lot of variety. The new choice is Empire Cinemas, located on the uppermost level of Buttermarket Shopping Centre. Its apparent focus is its stylish design with fancy carpets, velvet walls, and its sleek dark pink logo. It feels a bit more inviting with the music playing in the lobby, and the big red comfy seats. You should visit this one if you plan to go during the day, so that you don’t get distracted by anything else. 

A Weekly Event 

Sometimes, you just need something to look forward to during the week, and a weekly event with friends can be just that. The simplest thing you can do is all gather somewhere, at the uni or a friend’s house, and just do something altogether. It can be anything from competitive video or board games to just having a group chat about everything. Maybe even working on a project together if you really need to. If you can afford it, you could all meet up at a café like the Cult Café Bar on the waterfront and order light things as a celebration that you made it through the week. It can be cosier then a flat, and really, as long as your friend orders something you don’t HAVE to. My only negative for this one is don’t make it a drinking night, because those never go well. 

These may seem simple, but it’s the simple things that matter when it comes to your friends and family. And they really can help relieve some stress if you’re feeling as such, just taking some time out with your friends. Never forget how important it is, and be happy with it most of all.


Written by Elliot Woods


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