Your degree is great, and an important step in reaching your goals. But, taking your degree further can help you get ahead. That is where your Students' Union can help. Getting involved with your Students' Union gives your degree a little something more and helps you get ahead. And with such a vast amount of opportunities that can be offered- you can make it work for you. 

Course Representatives 

It is essential for your students' union to be led by elected representatives and ensure that it is working in the interests of the Student Body. Therefore, Students' Union policy and accountability are in the hands of elected students. One opportunity for you is to become a representative of your peers and take on a leadership role to continually improve the university and student experience, acting as the voice for your cohort and a point of contact to raise course wide issues or praise. 

School Officers 

A school officer is responsible for bringing feedback and issues to senior members of staff in the School beyond a specific course. They are also there to provide support and advice to course reps. 

Liberation officers 

Liberation Officers are a vital role as they give voice to underrepresented students and interest groups. They work with the Student’s Union and you to ensure that any issues these groups may face are effectively and successfully dealt with. 

Don’t see a group represented? Come forward and you could give that group a voice. 


Sabbatical Officers 

Sabbatical Officers take on a full-time role to improve your life at University. Elected by the Student body, they sit on important meetings to make sure your voice is heard at the highest university level. They’re makers of change on campus and are the driving force behind all the things provided for you. 

Advice and Information 

This role aims to support students to understand a wide range of University Policies, and to provide confidential and impartial advice to students on University related matters including (but not limited to) academic appeals, complaints and cases of apparent academic or professional misconduct. As a student, you can take on a part time role as an assistant and help make all this possible. 

Communications and Events


Ever wondered who plans all those lovely events you see advertised? Or wondered who is the face behind the social media profiles? Every event and post is planned and lovingly created and you can get involved in this. As a Student, you can apply to be our communications and events coordinators assistant and have a crucial role in all events, from freshers to the Summer Ball, to helping make sure elections run smoothly. 

Democracy and Representation 


As a student led charity our democracy is essential to the effectiveness of this. That is boring speak for Course Reps and Student Officers that are all current students studying can make decisions and change how the SU works for the rest of the students at this Uni. If running for a position isn’t your cup of tea, then why not get involved behind the scenes? 

Student Opportunities 

They’re here to help develop and coordinate societies and social/competitive sport teams. If going to societies or partaking in competitive or social sport just isn’t enough for you, then getting involved here might be for you. You can help make sure these things happen and bring fresh ideas to the court. 


Passionate about something that’s not listed here? We are always keen to help you with the experience you need, in the past we’ve helped students write blogs, put on events and much more- so reach out to us! We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs to make that degree go further.